Cleanse your Skin like your Health depends on it

Cleanse your Skin like your Health depends on it

The skin’s barrier is a gateway to health. By nurturing the skin’s barrier – gently cleansing it and ensuring it is well moisturized on a daily basis – you can help to maintain and repair not only the health of your skin, but the overall health of your body. It is as simple as that.

The skin’s barrier acts as a protective shield from harmful microorganisms, UV radiation, allergens and irritants. When the barrier is compromised, acute inflammation is the result.

Dry, tight, itchy, red skin are some of the signs. If not addressed, over time, this can lead to chronic silent inflammation and in turn more systemic maladies, ranging from diabetes to heart disease.

Thanks to Swissline, the skin barrier now has two new BFFs: Cell Shock Age Intelligence Skin-Friendly Cleanser and Cell Shock Age Intelligence Anti-Oxidant Water.

Skin-Friendly Cleanser is formulated with a trio of moisturizing agents to hydrate, calm and soothe the skin; amino acids to help strengthen the skin; and lactic acid to balance the skin’s microbiome and make the skin soft to the touch. 

Anti-Oxidant Water, much more than a toner, builds skin resilience and promotes health! The alcohol-free, oil-free product is formulated using two skin-identical antioxidants - SOD & Glutathione - together with a handful of hydrators and barrier promoting ingredients that respect all skin conditions, including sensitive ones. 


Skin-Friendly Cleanser and Anti-Oxidant Water make the perfect skincare cocktail. Here’s to your health!