Benefits of Collagen in Skincare.

Benefits of Collagen in Skincare.

We all seem to have a rough idea of what collagen is, but do we really know? And does this elusive substance really work in skincare?

Collagen, naturally produced in our bodies, is a protein that provides strength and structure for our bones, skin, muscle and tendons. Between the age of 20 and 40 the skin's collagen diminishes by up to 50 per cent. The loss of collagen – associated with aging - is the main cause of wrinkles, loss of muscle tone and sagging skin.

The best collagen face creams contain not only soluble collagen, but collagen boosting peptides, which have all been proven to increase one’s own collagen production.

Marine collagen combines deep antioxidant properties with amino acids for a powerful reparative effect. It contains Type I collagen, the foundation of our skin’s structure, accounting for 85% of our skin’s collagen.